Designersaurs – Intro

How it all began…

The Designersaurs were kind of an accident:

  1. I am a designer.
  2. I was having a conversation about dinosaurs.
  3. I got tongue-tied.

You get the hint.

The Designersaurs first appeared in The WA Magazine in 1998. Unfortunately the mag ceased production in 1999 – and I forgot all about them. Then in late 2003 I stumbled across the strips stuffed in an envelope in a drawer – so here they are again for you to enjoy on the web – if you ever saw them in the beginning that is…

The Designersaurs is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a stegosaurus named Zorr. Zorr is a Russian-born designer for a tech firm in England. Zorr is a brilliant scientist (when properly motivated), but because of his clumsiness and habit of eating the office equipment, he usually gets used as a test subject. Zorr has a habit of eating, and tends to be bribed into testing potentially dangerous machines, much to the amusement of the head of the design team, a Diplodocus named Des. Des is a no-nonsense kind of boss, and is constantly irritated with Zorr and the problems that follow him (such as Zorr’s Russian-speaking brother). He prefers to keep Zorr occupied so he can work with his design partner, a Triceratops named Einer, in order to get things done. Einer prefers to give others the benefit of the doubt and prefers to see the benefits of having Zorr around, and tries to get along with all of the staff. Zorr’s brother, Rozz, is never really far from Zorr’s mind, and he looks to him as a sort of sounding board when he requires some inspiration, not that he can count on him for much. Rozz spends a lot of his time trying to get vodka, and the rest of the time drinking vodka. Zorr’s only real friend is a laboratory rat named 101A, as they both know what it is like to be a subject of an experiment.

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